Forget the Booster Seats, Travel in Melbourne with Your Kids Using the Reliable Public Transport

The City of Melbourne is a wondrous place for kids. There are numerous destinations and activities that are waiting for all kids and kids at heart to engage in and enjoy. So if you are planning to travel with your kids on the street of Melbourne, forget your car with its booster seats as you embark on a grand holiday in Australia’s hipster city that’s surrounded by numerous family-friendly establishments and activities using Melbourne’s public transport.

Yes, you read that right. The best way to explore and experience all that Melbourne has to offer is through its public transport. So, here are some safety tips when taking a tram, train, or bus in Melbourne with your kids.

  1. While waiting for the train, bus, or tram make sure that you and your children stand behind the line or behind from the edge of a footpath or the platform’s edge. When the public transport approaches, don’t run toward it. Instead, wait closer to the front door of the train or tram so that the driver of the public transport vehicle can easily see you. Be mindful of the vehicles that are constantly passing by.
  2. Make sure to have enough time to reach your destinations so that you are not constantly rushing to get to your train, bus, or tram on time.
  3. Always be prepared to buy your tickets on time and don’t forget that children who are aged three years old and below can travel for free within Melbourne, and even across Victoria.
  4. Don’t leave your children alone on platforms of trains or trams or at bus stops.
  5. Prams and strollers are free to bring along inside a public transport. So if you are travelling with a pram, be sure to hold on to the pram as securely as possible. You have to also make sure that your child is strapped tightly and securely in the pram. Don’t forget to apply the pram’s parking brake when idle to prevent it from rolling. Always follow safety measures when travelling with a pram.
  6. If you can, avoid peak times of public transport (between 8 to 9 am and 4 to 6 pm).
  7. Keep your children seated inside the public transport. If you find no available seats for you and your children, make sure that your children have something strong to hold on to.
  8. Always keep your children together and always keep an eye on everyone. Never leave your children alone while waiting and on board any public transport.
  9. For long trips inside the public transport, make sure to bring toys so that your kids will have some activity to enjoy, kill their boredom,and prevent them from throwing any hissy fit.
  10. When getting off the train, tram, or bus allow enough time to gather your things because a public transport will only stop for a short time. If you’re getting off of a tram, make sure to check for traffic before exiting.

Awesome Destinations in Melbourne

Now on to some exciting destinations within Melbourne.

Melbourne ZooThe Melbourne Zoo

You and your kids will surely enjoy the Melbourne Zoo with all its collection of over 300 species of animals of various shapes and sizes; from tigers, elephants, lions, penguins, butterflies, to reptiles and many more. One good thing about the zoo is that it is accessible through tram and even has a train stop within.

The Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium is a very well presented aquarium that showcases numerous species of aquatic animals from sharks, turtles, crocodiles, penguins, and many species of fishes. It is also accessible through a tram, which is only a walk away from the stop.

Children’s Farm at Bundoora and Collingwood

The children’s farms in Melbourne offer you and your kids the chance to wander around a farmyard setting with all the farm animals. It is best to check their schedules before visiting so you can take full advantage of the real adventures of feeding the animals and riding the pony or tractor rides. The Bundoora Farm is somewhat less accessible by public transport than the Collingwood Farm which can easily be reached using the bus or train.

Melbourne MuseumThe Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum contains the usual stuff from other museums, like dinosaur, insect, fish, and forest areas. It also offers a Children’s Gallery. Designed for children aged 3 to 8 years old, the Children’s Gallery is an exhibit that showcases to the children on how things grow. It offers a lot of things for children to touch and feel so it somewhat becomes more interactive than the regular museum.

Located outside the museum is a terrific outdoor play area for kids. It is open for children to play anything from LEGOs, to hula hoops, to skipping ropes, etc. It would not be surprising if you can find a train sets for kids which your children can also enjoy playing for free.You can even bring your own portable play pen so that kids can truly enjoy since the place is huge. The museum is also accessible through numerous tram lines.

Other places to visit when traveling around the street of Melbourne include:

  • The Scienceworks
  • Miniature Railways
  • Melbourne Star
  • Wonderland Fun Park
  • ACMI Screen Worlds
  • Bounce Inc trampoline parks
  • Latitude Melbourne

The attractions listed above are mostly places that require entrance fees to get into. There are other destinations in Melbourne that are free for tourists. Here are some of them:

The City Circle Tram

With a distinct and vintagelook, the City Circle Tram provides an atmosphere of charm that differentiates it from the rest of the other trams in other major cities of Australia. It is one of the highlights in exploring the city that will turn out to be really unique and very memorable. Kids who ride free on the tram will enjoy the scenery as they listen to the audio commentary pointing out the key buildings and many historic sites of Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Consistently recommended by most tourists as a must-see, Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens is a enormous 36 hectares of an impressive collection and display that covers almost all of the plant life in Australia. While it may be jaw-dropping for grown-ups in its sheer size and vast display, it may become boring to children.

This is why they created the “Ian Potter Children’s Garden” for kids. Dubbed as a magical place for kids to experience the world of plants, it is designed to allow the children to get down and dirty as they will be allowed to play in the world of plants; digging, creating, building, and exploring all facilities and plant setups. As the Gardens continue to develop, more fun activities are being added for children to experience a different and exciting type of botanical garden visit.

Melbourne Sunday Markets

Melbourne possesses a variety of Sunday markets offering any item of interest; from fresh produce, to freshly cooked foods, to pieces of art. There are a lot of things to do, see, and experience in the markets with the kids, such as circus entertainment, live bands, and many other spectacles.

Melbourne’s Public Playgrounds

Melbourne has been known to be a “natural” capital city because of a huge number of parks and greeneries that line the many facilities in its streets. These also include many parks and public playgrounds for children. There are many facilities that children can use for free, from monkey bars, to jungle gyms, to merry-go-rounds, and many more. You can even find a high chair where you can place your baby while you feed him or her.

In the end, travelling with your kids in and around Melbourne doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive. Preparation and research is important in order for the whole family to truly enjoy this uniquely Melbourne experience.

Ideal Transport Service For Your Marriage

Only a handful of days in our lives count as significant: Your wedding day is one of those. Therefore, everybody wishes to ensure it’s exceptional, including your transport services.

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Melbourne Star Weddings in Australia also gives you the option of self-drive, should you prefer it. They will deliver the car to you already decorated beautifully in white ribbons; flowers and other decorations or accessories may also be added, in accordance with your request. Of course, you may also decide to have your wedding car chauffeur-driven for a more memorable, comfortable and stress-free ride.

bridal carMelbourne Star service efficiently drives you safely to your location in a timely manner. Their luxury car selections assuredly give you a choice that fits your motif and your practical needs. Melbourne Star is all about giving you luxurious, hassle-free transportation with only the best-looking cars and expert drivers. Additionally, the vehicle is also equipped with special features including cozy leather interior, Internet access, climate-control facilities and much more.

Melbourne Star Weddings prides itself in supplying their customers with superior service starting from the first question through the booking process up to your wedding-day transport needs.

Celebrate Your Wedding in Adelaide and South Australia

The capital of the state of South Australia, Adelaide, is readily reachable by air and is the gateway to the Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island. It’s also home to a tiny population of only a million or so individuals. Adelaide is counted among the cities in Australia said to be very liveable.

Adelaide City, with its mix of various peoples and cafe culture lifestyle, has an astonishing selection of cuisines and a modern feel to it.
8530071996_4680a29cc8_zIts green initiatives and setup, which the city takes great pride in, make it the most sustainable city in Australia. So, if you’re on the lookout for an eco-friendly location for your wedding, this is the place to be. You can even include natural or “green” components. When picking out the flowers to use, try the native ones which are in season. You can accent your decorations with candles made from soy or beeswax. You may even want to choose bonbonniere for your guests to take home with them. They can use those again and again without worrying about negative environmental impacts.

Adelaide Hills, Barossa & Clare Valley boast breathtaking views across the valleys, known as among the best places for cool-climate grapes. Enchanting boutique wineries, as a result, are plenty in this area. The Lane Vineyard, Bridgewater Mill, as well as the Stirling Resort are only some of the places making Adelaide Hills the ideal place for weddings or receptions.

The fresh produce may not be the only things to attract you to Barossa Valley for your wedding! It is also possible to follow baker, butcher and winemaker trails and sample a few of the culinary delights offered in this area. Now that is a particularly great reason to visit SA before exchanging “I do’s”!

The Outback & Flinders Ranges: For your honeymoon, these places may be sitting at the top of your the list of potentially more daring destinations. So hitch up the camper trailer and drive off and get dusty in that red desert.

Make your selections from the traditional homestead to a deluxe swag for just two or camp under the stars and have dinner at a ridge-top or even go for a woolshed-themed venue for your wedding in the ranges! With 4WD excursions, rides on hot-air balloons, mountain biking, observing neighborhood wildlife and a lot of other adventurous amusements for your guests, this is an ideal place for your outback wedding.

If you want to rent a limousine, Melbourne Star can provide you with a luxuriously spacious and smooth drive coupled with professional and prompt service to help ensure the bride’s timely arrival. In case you need to have the whole wedding entourage plus your guests ferried, they can arrange that for you. Just book with them the number of guests that need transport, and they’ll bring out those high-end wedding cars for you.

Kangaroo Island: A mere kangaroo’s leap from glorious Adelaide, this isle is a tranquil sanctuary for wildlife, with immaculate shores and untouched bushland. You may opt to head for a waterfront place, the Wilderness Retreat, west of the isle, for an intimate service. You can be sure your wedding guests will be fed and watered well enough on this incredible island. Its produce and their special preparation have made this state famous. For this reason too, people flock to Kangaroo Island to experience their excellent wine and food selection, thus ensuring a gastronomic event your guests will surely recall for years and years.

The Murray: There are two great places to have your wedding in South Australia, along the Murray, referred to as the regions of Murray and River lands. This river, steeped in mystery and romance, can be a wonderful setting for a wedding on board a houseboat. You can hire the boat for a small party of just close friends and family, keeping it intimate. Or you could go all the way and invite all your guests for a reception on the waters of the Murray River.

This place is such a fantastic waterpark, too, for everyone in the family. They have boat ramps where you can launch or tie up your boat, whether rented or not. There are lots of fun water activities: jet or water skiing, wakeboarding and every other water sport imaginable. Just goes to say that, if you choose Adelaide, South Australia, you’ll never lack for ideas on where or how to spend your wedding day and reception.

Melbourne Corporate Cars for Hire

Car for hire service is sometimes a simple need that a company has to fulfill in order to bring, for instance, a company executive or guest somewhere or to provide a convenient means of transport when a series of stops have to be made. While many go for a practical—meaning inexpensive—car rental, there are instances where the situation calls for the indulgence of a luxury car. By leasing a luxury car, an average encounter can be transformed into an enjoyable and memorable trip. While not everybody has the funds to lease such a car each and every time a rental is required, splurging once every so often in a rental car upgrade to a smooth, spacious and elegant-looking car can place a huge grin on someone’s face and make it possible for the individual to have a taste of the finer things in life, even if only for a short time.

Several people are thrifty and practical and spend money only when it is essential. This attitude to spending may be a personal advantage to those individuals because they appreciate strong fiscal security and don’t allow themselves to get away with spending sprees and excessive personal credit card debt. But, sometimes, taking a car rental upgrade may also be viewed as a necessity that arises from time to time.

Leasing a fine car, especially an updated model, may not be impractical for a variety of motives. Luxury cars offer exceptional relaxation by way of superior seat attributes and various choices like lower back support and simple adjustments to achieve your seat’s desired position, massaging seats, heated seats and premium head and neck support. These seat attributes and choices, combined with a smooth and quiet ride, can make an immense difference in how someone feels on board. You can just imagine the degree of relaxation that a passenger can get during a drive, particularly if it will be a long one, and especially if the passenger has just disembarked from a long and tiresome flight.

Those who are meeting up with customers and are going on business trips might also wish to consider an updated car from a rental company. Choosing a luxury car above a compact car or a no-bells-and-whistles sedan will present a much more secure and professional picture of your company to a prospective customer or client.

Luxury cars are, in addition, an enjoyable thing to invest in when leasing a car for an intimate escape. If you’re splurging on a romantic vacation or weekend escape with your favourite man, a luxury car can help make the escape much cozier and more satisfying. Couples and partners love pampering each other from time to time, notably during intimate interludes when health spa services, elaborate meals and top-dollar bottles of wine are appreciated. From top-notch sports cars to the superior line of coupes and sedans, updated automobiles will make any trip more memorable and can be found in a wide variety of choices.

Melbourne Star Corporate offers low rates with their luxury cars for hire. Melbourne Star rental car classes include a wide range of selections from a corporate car rental to an economy car rental that you can simply pick up at Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne: The Best City With the Best Hotel Via The Best Airline

Melbourne Guide

melbourne city tramsMelbourne is one of the most fashionable and enjoyable cities in Australia. With roaring group occupying each day, it’s quite natural the city would be frequented by vast numbers of individuals each year.
The CBD is the unrivalled place in regards to relaxation and availability. There are many world class resorts here to satisfy every budget. One such resort in the outstanding Swanston street worth saying is the Swanston Hotel. This 4.5 star resort is luxury personified. Swanston Street is a well-known hotspot with travellers and locals as it’s the number of the very notable trams, theatres, shopping precincts and galleries. Lots of the business houses of the city are in the area along within the road. With pubs and restaurants serving lip-smacking delicacies, nightlife in this region is colourful and vivacious.

Melbourne city is linked nicely by distinct ways of transportation that includes trains, buses, trams and numerous renter players. Melbourne has been regarded among the best cities on the planet to reside in, and it’s not surprising the city hosts a number of the major sporting events including the Australian open Tennis Championships that were recently held. Swanston resort is simply a fast tram ride from the MCG and Etihad arena and so the perfect retreat for folks seeing Melbourne participate in or be part of such sporting events.